Why Pre-plan Your Arrangements?

Each of us must inevitably face the reality of death, either of a loved one, or our own mortality.

Making final arrangements is one special way to ease burdens on your spouse and loved ones at a time of grief. Pre-planning helps avoid decision making and financial stress at a time of need.

Most families don't have the vaguest idea of what will happen or what is needed when perhaps their spouse or another loved one dies.

They have no idea of the emotional distress or the financial ramifications. And how would they know... who could have told them?

The time of bereavement is a difficult time to make decisions which loved ones must face, including grave sites and Memorial Estate (liner, liner installation, opening and closing, and the Memorial marker).

Is Norbeck Memorial Park Expensive?

We are proud of the fact that we are an independently owned cemetery and as such can make our prices most affordable.

The price of sites includes perpetual care and there are never processing fees or hidden charges.

"Non Profit" does not mean less expensive. Please check our prices before making a decision.

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