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Burial and Memorialization Costs
When choosing a cemetery it is important to inquire about all of the costs -- not just site (plot) costs. These should include the cost of interment (opening and closing of the grave), liner and liner installation costs and memorialization (aka "marker", "headstone") options and costs -- including the bronze marker or granite die, granite base, installation charges, and maintenance fees.
The term "A Completed Estate" refers to a grave site for which all items required for burial and memorialization have been purchased, whether in advance, or at the time-of-need.  The grave site, liner or vault, and interment fees must be paid before a burial can occur, however the memorial marker may be ordered after the burial.

Memorials ("headstones", "markers") purchased from the cemetery may require up to 6 to 12 weeks for delivery (depending on what is ordered). Once the marker is received, we call the family to approve it and any balance due must be paid prior to installation. After a burial occurs, a grave is ready for a marker installation when it has been tamped, re-tamped and covered with growing grass. Refer to the "Service" section for more information on this topic.
All items required to have a burial can be ordered pre-need. Markers can be ordered from the cemetery pre-need or at-need at the time of need. As we schedule interments at Norbeck, we know that many of those in need completed their estates years ago, thus sparing their loved ones stress and expense in the wake of their passing.
Perpetual Care: The price of your site includes perpetual care, and there are never any hidden or extraneous charges.

"Non profit" does not mean inexpensive. Be sure to check our prices before making your final decision.   As an independently owned business, we are proud of our ability to offer exceptional value.

What are the costs?
A Complete Estate
Pre-Need / At-Need
Perpetual Care

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